We recognize that buying furniture is a major investment. Initiating change, adapting to change and or anticipating change, offices are constantly dealing with the challenges it poses. They’re looking for ways to align workspaces with work processes, for solutions that mitigate the risk of obsolescence and promote the ability to adapt,
quickly and cost effectively.

As a Quality Furniture Dealer, we can assist in many areas

Allspace strives to deliver beautiful, practical office interiors at an exceptional value. Your office is a powerful tool that can influence every aspect of your company. We listen to our customers, and tailor solutions based on what is most important to them. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Whether it’s needing a new chair for the home office, or space planning a complete floorplan with specialty areas.

How We Can Help

Educating in Product Specification and Selection

Allspace is committed to ensuring the best possible products are specified and selected, whether its for an RFP process or for a home office. These specifications will make sense in regard to the environment they are used in, along with the way they are used

Space Planning & Design

Allspace has vast knowledge in space planning and design not only for practical and economical solutions, but for esthetically pleasing and ergonomic environments.

Architectural Technologist (Allspace Assoc.)

Allspace has worked with many local and national architects that can be recommended based on the needs of the design.

Providing Furnishings

We can outfit a vast ray of scope for projects from under carpet electrical, demountable walls, office furnishings, reception, collaboration spaces and soundproof booths.

Project Management

Allspace currently Project Manages all of their projects and have been successful liaisons between GC’s and clients.

Delivery & Installation

Furniture delivery and installation involves trained professionals who handle every aspect of the process with meticulous care and attention to detail, from carefully transporting the furniture to its final placement and assembly.

Post Installation Ergonomics Training Program

We have partnered with a local rep that specializes in ergonomics, whether it is assessing your current environment, bringing one in to make changes or having someone after new furniture is installed to make sure you are getting the best use out of your products.

Migration & Reconfiguration

Our in-house Installation team has been certified with many different manufacturing certifications. They also carry current WHIMIS and have taken the UofS Orientation as they have done a multitude of installs and reconfigurations on campus including theatre seating